We bring together collaborative, made-to-order teams of experts to achieve energy sector research objectives.  We're focused on advancing energy sector development and reducing barriers through technical innovation.

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team photo on research vessel
Image courtesy of Genome Atlantic.

Made-to-Order Teams

We're highly-skilled in creating research projects to meet regulatory, due diligence, business intelligence or other requirements. Working on your timeline, we will identify the types of expertise, equipment and funding needed for your project and bring together the right team for the job. We engage leading Atlantic Canadian and global researchers in solving challenging problems, answering key questions and contributing to technical advances.  We can draw upon our many long-established relationships to access critical knowledge in combination with the right technology. To learn more, please contact our Director, Research.

Maximizing Funding

We have a well-earned reputation for turning financial resources into tangible results, including highly-skilled research teams, reliable R&D outcomes and well-managed projects.  We solicit, accept and manage research-focused funding from many sources, and we take our financial responsibilities very seriously.  We deliver on scope and schedule, with a deep understanding of how to make the most of every research dollar.

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Fundy rocks
Image courtesy of Communications NS.

Our Mandate

It's our mandate to foster research and development related to offshore petroleum, renewable energy resources and their interaction with the natural and social environment and the dissemination of that knowledge. This includes research work that:

  1. assesses the potential impacts of petroleum exploration, development and production on the natural and social environment;
  2. assesses the potential impacts of renewable energy technologies on the natural and social environment;
  3. builds geoscience knowledge about Nova Scotia’s oil and gas potential; and
  4. promotes technical innovations to reduce barriers to development of energy resources.

Where consistent with what’s above, we also encourage building research capability in Nova Scotia.