Dr. Georgia Pe-Piper

Dr. Georgia Pe-Piper

OERA-funded project:
Predictive modelling of sandstone reservoir quality in the Scotian Basin

Supporting OERA goal to:
Foster research that promotes technical innovation to reduce barriers to development of energy resources.

Looking out for the best interests of her students resulted in a mid-career shift in focus for Dr. Georgia Pe-Piper.

Her training and early experience as a geologist involved the mineralogy and geochemistry of volcanic rocks and broadened into interests in granites and the relationship of tectonics to the formation of igneous rocks. “But at the beginning of the 21st century, I realised that there were more opportunities for employment of students in petroleum geology than in mineral exploration, where many of my earlier students had found work,” she says. “So I took on the new challenge of applying my skills in mineralogy and geochemistry to the understanding of the Scotian Basin, offshore Nova Scotia.”

Dr. Pe-Piper says she had support as she made the shift from one area of geological focus to another. “I was helped in this transformation by David Brown of the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board, who saw the practical value of the type of work that I could do.” She adds that, “As I come nearer the end of my geological career, I want more than ever to pass on my skills and experience to the next generation.”