Dr. Lukas Swan

Dr. Lukas Swan

OERA-funded project:
Optimized Combinations of Tidal, Wind and Solar Electricity Generation with Energy Storage to Meet Nova Scotia’s Electrical Demand

Supporting OERA goal to:
Foster research that promotes technical innovation to reduce barriers to development of energy resources.

Lukas Swan was first introduced to renewable energy and battery electric vehicles while growing up in California. “I became fascinated with energy use, saw a unique role for my skills, and applied them to batteries for grid storage,” he says.

Swan says his career choice was influenced by his father, David Swan, also a mechanical engineer. “He encouraged me to work in the space and helped me gain experience as an engineering technician and later a consulting engineer.

Encouragement from his PhD supervisor, Ismet Ugursal, led Swan to try teaching courses. “I really enjoyed connecting with young minds that are ambitious and innovative,” he says. Swan adds, “My business colleague, David Stevenson, showed me how to be savvy in situations and think comprehensively. I am still working on this part.”

Swan is passionate about his line of work, saying, “I encourage young people to focus on energy and engineering. It is a wonderful and fulfilling topic and occupation.”