OERA Intern Interview with Savanna Cabrita

Internship Q and A Savanna - header

Why did you apply for an internship at OERA?
The opportunity to work as an intern for OERA was irresistible for me. It has been exciting to learn from one of the province’s leading non-profit organizations and to continue my growing interest in the energy sector in Nova Scotia. Growing up in Nova Scotia, I have always wanted to learn more about tidal energy and the project management of our tidal projects.

What projects were you involved in during your internship?
OERA welcomed me into many projects throughout my four month term. I feel very fortunate to have been able to assist with the project management meetings for the Pathway Program, funding proposals and international weekly contract meetings. I was involved with guided independent energy and clean technology research projects and assisting with daily administrative tasks. Additionally, I assisted with populating OERA’s project database and the project management framework. 

What have you enjoyed most about your internship with OERA?
The employees at OERA have been supportive since the beginning of my internship and welcomed me into many project groups. I enjoyed the weekly team meetings because they allowed for  organic conversations as we worked and connected with each other remotely. I enjoyed being a part of OERA’s team during this historic period as OERA is adapting and evolving. I am excited to see what the future holds for the organization as they grow their research boundaries, engage in new and existing projects, and the exciting years to follow.

Any words of advice for the future OERA interns?
My advice would be to make the most of your time at OERA, to listen and learn from the team of experts working there and to not be afraid to ask questions! The team is super welcoming and want to see you excel to your full potential.