Net-Zero Future: A Feasibility Study of Hydrogen Production, Storage, Distribution and Use in The Maritimes

Hydrogen Study

This study explores hydrogen’s potential contribution to the Maritimes’ sustainable development goals. It also provides a technical and economic assessment of the role that hydrogen could play in the Maritimes’ energy transition. It looks at all aspects of hydrogen, from creation to end-use, and evaluates the economic and technical constraints and opportunities as hydrogen use and production scales up over time in the Maritimes. It also assesses knowledge gaps and identifies potential advantages and disadvantages of developing hydrogen infrastructure in the Maritimes, especially in the context of the region’s geographic location near the “end” of the national gas and electricity grid.

The results of this study can be used to identify research priorities, set development policy, and help local businesses identify energy transition supply chain business opportunities.

Work related to the study was carried out by a consortium of Zen Clean Energy Solutions, Dunsky Consulting and Redrock Power Systems.



Principal Investigator: Sabina Russell, ZEN and the art of Clean Energy Solutions

July – October 2020