Assessment of Clean Growth Economic Opportunities in Nova Scotia

OERA is an independent, not-for-profit research organization that funds research aimed at reducing risk and encouraging the sustainable development of Nova Scotia’s energy resources. OERA supports research into renewable energy technologies, cleantech initiatives and geoscience by facilitating collaborative, made-to-order teams of experts. Consistent with this mandate, the assessment of economic clean growth opportunities in Nova Scotia is the subject of this Request for Proposals (RFP). This RFP is issued by OERA in the context of a collaborative program funded by the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines. This work supports the Province’s broad energy policy objectives related to climate change, inclusive economic development, and the sustainable development of Nova Scotia’s energy resources.

Context: Under the Sustainable Development Goals Act, Nova Scotia has legislated a net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emission economy by 2050. To achieve this important milestone a portfolio of decarbonization strategies will be adopted by the private and public sectors. Demand-focused strategies include energy efficiency, energy conservation and end-use electrification, while supply-focused strategies include low-carbon fuels and low-carbon electricity generation. How these strategies are implemented (i.e., slow, moderate, or rapid decarbonization) present different economic opportunities for Nova Scotian companies. To further its policy goals, the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines wishes to understand the wider economic effects of these potential decarbonization strategies in Nova Scotia.

Applying decarbonization strategies will create economic development opportunities throughout the clean technology supply chain in Nova Scotia. However, the investment uptake is partially dependent on the ability of the local supply chain to mobilize contractors and supporting services that are necessary to obtain, install, and maintain low-carbon technologies.

OERA, on behalf of the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines, is therefore requesting an investigation of the economic opportunities that arise from future low-carbon investments in Nova Scotia. The report will be a reference document for program and project-related decision making and will support the objectives of the Sustainable Goals Development Act while continuing to advance Nova Scotia’s economic, social, and environmental well-being.

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Sven Scholtysik, Research Manager

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