Ship Charter and Equipment - 2021 Cruise

The OERA, in partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines (NSDEM), is leading the planning for a research cruise over portions of the Scotian Slope during the summer of 2021. Proposals are being sought from companies with the capability to conduct the cruise and undertake the ROV and coring activities described in the attached Request for Proposals (RFP). This work had been the subject of a previous RFP and a decision had been issued by the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) that would have allowed the importation of a foreign flagged vessel to conduct this work in 2020. Due to ongoing requirements arising from the COVID19 pandemic, OERA and NSDEM determined that conducting the work in 2020 would not be feasible. As a result, we are again requesting proposals to undertake this work. The maximum budget for the scope of work has been set at $1.45 million (Canadian). This has been established based on the total budget for the research program of which this is a component. Bids in excess of this amount will be deemed non-compliant and not be considered.

The vessel will provide a platform for the scientific team to collect samples and data, and to carry out preliminary analytical work. The scientific team will consist of approximately 12 individuals from the University of Calgary, Saint Mary’s University, Natural Resources Canada, APT Canada Ltd. and possibly other organizations. Many of the team members have been on previous cruises and have worked together on a joint basis to accomplish the scientific objectives of those cruises. The vessel owner and any subcontractors will provide all ship crew as well as operators for the ROV and coring equipment. The charterer must appoint a chief scientist who will act as the principal liaison between the scientific team and the ship captain and officers. The ship and equipment to be provided are expected to be fully capable of enabling the attainment of the scientific outcomes from the cruise as set out in the RFP.

This RFP was released on June 29, 2020 and will close on July 20, 2020 at 4 pm Atlantic Daylight Time.

For more information please contact:
Carey Ryan, Project Manager 

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