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OERA Webinar Series

Prediction and Risking of Jurassic Source Rocks, Offshore Nova Scotia

December 9, 2021

Lower Jurassic source rock horizons identified across the North Atlantic, together with the more widely recognised Tithonian source that has charged the gas and condensate discoveries found on the Scotian Shelf, has led to considerable supposition on the occurrence of more oil-prone lower Jurassic source rocks contributing to hydrocarbons in the Scotian Basin. In the absence of direct evidence for Lower Jurassic Source Rock along the Scotian margin, it has been necessary to turn to alternative approaches to assess this potential.

OERA Webinar Series

Omics based analysis of Nova Scotia deep water marine sediments sheds light on life in seabed hydrocarbon seeps

September 23, 2021

Omics is the study of biological molecules like DNA, RNA, proteins and by-products of metabolism. In microbiology, omics-based techniques identify and quantify these biological molecules by computationally reassembling them to describe the type, function, and dynamics of microorganisms, without having to grow them in lab cultures. In this study, metagenomics and metabolomics were combined to reveal the kinds of microorganisms and energy sources available to sustain them in deep, dark and cold hydrocarbon-rich marine sediments.