How Does Sound Travel in High Energy Environments? Effectiveness of Acoustic Monitoring Systems and Turbine Audibility Assessment

2020-12-10 OERA Webinar JASCO Martin
December 10, 2020

Dr. Bruce Martin, JASCO Applied Sciences (Canada) Ltd

The researchers are designing and implementing a long-term acoustic monitoring program to support tidal energy development in the Bay of Fundy. Specialized acoustic instrumentation was deployed for a two-month period in Grand Passage to advance understanding how turbulence affects the ability to detect marine mammals, and to what extent these species can detect a tidal turbine. State-of-the-art hydrophones were deployed together with an active source that generates dolphin-like whistles and clicks. Soundscape data was collected during the instrument deployment period and is being modeled to measure how low-frequency sounds (e.g. dolphin clicks) propagate through turbulent waters. The modeling results will help infer how the turbulent flow impacts on the ability to detect the presence of marine life.