Assessment of the Potential of Tidal Power from Minas Passage and Minas Basin

This project estimated the power potential of the tides and tidal currents in the Minas Basin and Minas Channel regions of the Bay of Fundy. Its goal was to make a power estimate that is both attainable and sustainable - an assessment based on available turbine technology that includes an estimate of the impact on the tidal range and currents. The results of the theoretical analysis and hydrodynamic modelling produced critical information for many stakeholders. For developers, it provides realistic power estimates. For resource users, it provides estimates of the changes to the physical environment such power extraction will produce. For researchers, it provides the baseline changes to tidal range and currents necessary to examine changes in sediment, impacts on marine life and other concerns.


Principal Investigators:  Dr. Richard Karsten, Acadia University; Dr. David Greenberg, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Dr. Michael Tarbotton, Triton Consultants Ltd.

October 2009 – September 2011