Attenuation of Petroleum Generation Characteristics by the Sulfurization of Organic Matter in Westphaflan Carboniferous Lacustrine Source Rocks (A Geochemical Study of Potential Marine Incursions)

Dr. Todd Ventura

This project creates geochemical diagnostic tools that can be applied to potential source rocks of differing ages in the Maritimes Basin. These tools help build a more accurate interpretation of the evolution of the basin. They show when and to what extent marine conditions may have influenced the deposition, preservation and maturation of organic matter that contributes to the production of oil and gas. This study is the first step in developing novel geochemical techniques to detect marine influences in pre-rift Paleozoic source rocks and to evaluate the degree that sulfurization of organic matter (SOM) has affected the preservation and hydrocarbon generation characteristics of organic matter in these rocks. The study will lead to improved constraints on tectonic models of basin evolution as well as improved understanding of organic matter preservation and maturation mechanisms of source rocks for oil and gas generation models.


Principal Investigator: Dr. Todd Ventura, Saint Mary’s University

October 2017 – May 2019