Feasibility Study: Tidal Sector Service Barge/Drydock

The study investigates the feasibility of developing a generic, shared-use, multi-function turbine transport deployment and retrieval barge/drydock for use by the Nova Scotia tidal energy sector. The idea of introducing a shared-use barge would be to help defray costs, minimize project risks, and allow for tidal related mobilization/demobilization and O&M work to remain in-province. The researchers met with project developers and local engineering firms to support the research. A ‘barge basic design’ was developed, as well, the ‘essential operational features’ were determined, that would meet the needs of different technology developers and other non-tidal marine operators. Further, the research conceptualized the ownership, operating modes and order-of-magnitude cost (design/construction) of such a barge.


Principal Investigator:  Rory MacDonald, Lengkeek Vessel Engineering Inc.

April – November 2018