Identifying and Constraining favourable paleoenvironments for the deposition of an Upper Jr SR using geochemical proxies (part of the PAGEO research program)

This work will determine the paleoenvironmental conditions under which potential Upper Jurassic source rock intervals were deposited in offshore Nova Scotia. The project will use geochemical proxies to determine favourable parameters for the deposition and preservation of source rocks and identify areas along the margin where these conditions were likely present.

The study results will help refine models for the Scotian Margin (e.g. plate reconstruction, basin modelling, etc.), assist with determining future exploration and research targets, and further our understanding of the Upper Jurassic petroleum system from offshore Nova Scotia. Furthermore, this project will form the basis of a geochemical database that can readily be expanded upon by future projects.


  1. Geochemical signatures for the Upper Jurassic interval from a select number of wells.
  2. Paleoenvironmental interpretations based on the geochemical analyses.
  3. Identify areas in which the paleoenvironmental conditions were favourable to source rock deposition based on the geochemical results as well as the incorporation of pre-existing data.
  4. Technical report and peer-reviewed journal publication detailing the inputs, methods, results, and conclusions of the project.

Principal Investigators: Nikole Bingham Koslowski, Geological Survey of Canada, Nova Scotia, Canada; Karem Azmy, Noelle Lin, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

January 2021 – June 2023