Nova Scotia Small Tidal Test Centre: Gap Analysis and Business Case

As the tidal energy industry develops, there is increasing interest in the prospects for small-scale tidal energy development. Building small-scale tidal energy installations has promise given the number of locations where they can be used. This study looked at whether there is a lack of small scale test opportunities around the world and, if so, whether this gap could be filled in Nova Scotia. It also identified potential small-scale tidal test center models combining Nova Scotia’s unique natural and human resources that may fill an unserved or under-served niche. Finally, the study describes economic outputs/advantages that would accrue to Nova Scotian people and organizations, if a small-scale tidal test centre were to be built here.


Principal Investigators:  Dr. Shelley MacDougall, S.L MacDougall Research & Consulting; Greg Trowse, Luna Ocean Consulting; Dr. Richard Karsten, Acadia Tidal Energy Institute; Darren Hayes, Dare Technology

November 2017 – March 2018