Reservoir Distribution & Characterization: Shelf to Slope Linked Depositional Systems

The objectives of this study are 1) to understand the complexities of shelf-to-slope and slope sedimentation patterns, and 2) to understand the controls inherent in mixed siliciclastic and carbonate shelf-edge depositional systems.  New play concepts were developed that identified significant reworking of the margin that has not been recognised in the past.  Preliminary estimates suggest that over 50% of the Cenozoic margin has been reworked and in many instances the sediment has been remobilised and transported some distance from the shelf margin through canyon delivery systems, mass transport deposits, contourites, salt control on sediment redistribution, carbonate platform and mixed siliciclastic carbonate depositional systems. The consequence of these sedimentary processes is movement of potential reservoir rock to greater depths than previously anticipated. .


Principal Investigators: Dr. Grant Wach and David Mosher, Dalhousie University

August 2007 – August 2010