In Situ Turbulence Replication and Measurement (InSTREAM)

The In Situ Turbulence Replication and Measurement (InSTREAM) project was conceived to address some fundamental questions about the turbulence physics in tidal energy sites and laboratory tanks used to simulate these sites. The objective was to develop a sensor system that could measure across the full spectral range of turbulent motion found in these tidal energy generation sites. This system would combine traditional acoustic and electro-magnetic sensors with the Rockland Scientific shear sensor technology, used in traditional physical oceanography turbulence research. By deploying this sensor system in a laboratory test tank and tidal energy sites the data sets can be compared between the real-world and the laboratory and insights into the scaling effects can be obtained.


Principal Investigators: Peter Stern and Dr. Fabian Wolk (Rockland Scientific); Dr. Alex Hay, Dalhousie University, BlackRock Tidal Power, FloWave (UK), European Marine energy Center (EMEC-UK), & Octue (formerly Ocean Array Systems, OAS -UK)

October 2015 – January 2018