STREEM: Sensor Testing Research for Environmental Effects Monitoring

The research goal was to enhance understanding on sensor performance and sensor-to-sensor interactions to inform environmental effects monitoring (EEM) protocol for future tidal turbine deployments. The research was undertaken in Grand Passage, Bay of Fundy, on the non-grid connected Sustainable Marine Energy (SME) PLAT-I floating turbine platform. A series of field trials were conducted from the platform, testing different audible (hydrophones) and visual (imaging sonar/optical cameras) sensor technologies. The objective was to evaluate the performance of these sensor systems as means to improve techniques and methods in detecting and tracking marine life upstream and near-field to a tidal turbine. The research advanced understanding how the sensors can operate in combination, as well, determined optimal sensor mounting positions and view-plane angles within the water column.  The outcomes from these trials will help to improve fish and marine mammal detection and tracking capabilities on future tidal development projects.


Principal Investigators:  Dr. Anna Redden and Dr. Brian Sanderson, Acadia University; Greg Trowse, Luna Ocean Consulting; Dr. Penny Jeffcoate, Sustainable Marine Energy

October 2018 – March 2019