Sydney Basin and Nova Scotia Forensic Geochemistry

Sydney Basin and Nova Scotia Forensic Geochemistry
This project supported the 2017 Call for Bids and the 2017 Sydney Basin Play Fairway Analysis. The objective of the work is to improve our geochemical understanding of Sydney Basin petroleum systems. This project helps determine the timing of hydrocarbon generation and expulsion, and the integrity of oil and gas traps and seals since the hydrocarbons were first generated. The project assembles existing geochemical information and data from a number of sources, conducts a data gap analysis and then generates new data through the geochemical analysis of newly collected rock samples. The results of this work are then integrated with modelling and geological data as part of the Sydney Basin PFA.


Principal Investigator: Dr. Martin Fowler, Applied Petroleum Technology Canada Ltd.

May 2016 – March 2017