Tidal Turbine Marine Life Interaction Study: Fish

This study at Dalhousie University’s Aquatron test tank monitored the behaviour of striped bass in the presence of an active tidal turbine.  The research drew on expertise and experience from different parts of Canada and Europe over a one year project period. The study allowed researchers to determine if fish are significantly stressed by an operating turbine and to make recommendations for future work regarding fish-turbine interactions in developing environmental monitoring programs for tidal energy.


Principal Investigators:  Dr. Sue Molloy, with John Batt, Jim Eddington, Lauren Mahon-Hodgins, and Dr. Aaron MacNeill, Dalhousie University;  JMK Engineering Inc.; Dr. Louise Kregting, Queen's University Belfast; Dr. Eric Bibeau, University of Manitoba

May 2016 – May 2017