Whale Tails & Other Stories

SOAR Mammal Cover

The Marine Mammal Observer Program studied the potential interactions between marine animals and Sustainable Marine Energy Canada’s floating tidal power platform located in Grand Passage, NS.  The Program also evaluated the effectiveness of various tools and equipment to detect, locate, and classify marine animals. 

Working in close collaboration with the Mi’kmaw Conservation Group and local whale watching cruise operators, the work advanced our knowledge of interactions between PLAT-I tidal platform and marine animals in Grand Passage through direct observations of animal presence, position, and behaviors.  At the same time, the project built science capacity in environmental monitoring programs through training and inclusion of local people and the Mi’kmaw Conservation Group.  Project outcomes also included an illustrated, descriptive atlas of marine mammals, sharks, turtles and fish in the Bay of Fundy. The book, entitled Whale Tails & Other Stories of the Outer Bay of Fundy, can be viewed here.


Principal Investigators: Greg Trowse, SOAR - Sustainable Oceans Applied Research Ltd; Mi’kmaw Conservation Group; Fundy East Whale Rescue; and Natural Resources Canada.

June 2019 – December 2020