Atlantic Canada Energy System Modelling Project

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Illustration of various energy sources

We are creating an open-source energy system model for Atlantic Canada.

An energy system model is a tool that can be used to understand and evaluate alternative scenarios to meet interim and long-term greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets and identify cost implications of changes to our energy system. Users of open-source energy system models can define model inputs and run a variety of scenarios to test which assumptions are necessary to create feasible model solutions. With an open-source energy system model, policy makers, industry representatives, regulators, researchers, and NGOs will be able contribute to possible next steps on the path to net-zero GHG emissions for Atlantic Canada.

Atlantic Canada's energy system uses many different types of energy and this energy mix will need to change for us to get to a net-zero economy. We will need to have a big-picture perspective that looks at all types of energy and related emissions. The energy system model we are creating will help users understand a variety of alternate energy futures for our region.

Research will be needed to understand what implications policy decisions will have for our future energy system. At OERA, our mandate includes assessing the impacts of different types of energy technologies on the natural and social environment. Our goal is to manage research in an objective way and to put the results into the public domain to help with discussion. We believe an energy system model will identify areas requiring more study and help to shape our research priorities moving forward.

Current status

Our energy system modelling project is progressing. At this time:

  • The modelling project technical advisory committee is now up and running and meeting regularly.
  • We are beginning to engage key stakeholders.
  • We are identifying data sources that will support the creation of the model.
  • We are beginning to create the model in a stepwise approach.

News Release

Canada Invests in Clean Energy Research for Atlantic Provinces.



Watch OERA's webinar recording for Climate change mitigation through energy system modelling here.


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