Whale Tails & Other Stories of the Outer Bay of Fundy Marine Guide Now Available

SOAR Mammal Cover
February 24th, 2021 | Halifax and Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Officially launched today, Whale Tails & Other Stories of the Outer Bay of Fundy is a fresh and local take on a marine observation guide, created through a partnership between Sustainable Oceans Applied Research (SOAR) and the Mi'kmaw Conservation Group (MCG) and funded by OERA (Offshore Energy Research Association).

“We are deeply grateful to the Mi’kmaw knowledge keepers and local water users who have contributed their wisdom and stories thus far and we are looking forward to hearing more stories and adding audio files to accompany the online version," said Courtney Trowse of SOAR, who coordinated the creation of the book. 

This visually captivating and informative book will help marine observers with identifying marine mammals and other species, while also supporting classroom learning and other educational purposes. The book pairs the experience of local water users and traditional Mi'kmaq knowledge, inviting readers onto the path of Two-Eyed Seeing and providing a vibrant, educational, and inspiring window into the Bay of Fundy and her creatures. It is a living document which will continue to evolve as others feel called to contribute. 

“This book is filled with information and stories about the Bay of Fundy and the marine life it contains,” said Alisdair McLean, Executive Director of OERA. “It was created as part of a marine observer program that will use visual observation by trained marine observers from local communities and the Mi'kmaw Conservation Group to study potential direct interactions between marine animals and tidal turbines.” 

Whale Tails is a captivating compilation of first-hand experience, stories, and animal facts partnered with photos and local art. This combination not only conveys a wealth of information on some of the incredible creatures found in our waters, but it also explores the emotional aspects and intimacy possible in the human-ocean relationship.

The book is now available free online here with hard copies coming later in 2021. 

About SOAR
SOAR (Sustainable Oceans Applied Research) is a not-for profit organization working to advance applied research as needed to help restore and maintain sustainable coastal communities and marine ecosystems, with focus areas in clean renewable energy and healthy food supplies. Collaboration is fundamental to our organization and we partner regularly with several academic institutions, ocean industries, technology developers, indigenous organizations, and other not-for-profit organizations. Our focus is on providing services and infrastructure to assist researchers and technology developers with access to the coastal ocean. One of our research stations is located on Long Island, NS adjacent to Grand Passage and Petit Passage, two high energy tidal channels that are a global focal point for marine energy and smart-grid innovation.

About MCG
The Mi'kmaw Conservation Group is a program provided under The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq’s (CMM) Aquatic Resources and Fisheries Management department. The CMM services eight-member communities on mainland Nova Scotia.  For more information about the CMM or MCG please visit www.cmmns.com

About OERA
OERA (the Offshore Energy Research Association) is helping Nova Scotia move toward a more sustainable energy future by providing the unbiased information and insight needed to plan a path forward. OERA is a non-profit organization that serves as an independent and impartial knowledge and capacity builder. The organization supports economic growth in our province by exploring and assessing cleantech opportunities. The OERA team enables expert energy research with input from academia, industry, government, regulators and others. OERA’s scope encompasses all energy-related research, including onshore and offshore petroleum, cleantech and renewable energy.

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