Lower Jurassic Source Rocks in Relation to the North Atlantic

2020-04-23 OERA Webinar - Andy Bishop
April 23, 2020

Dr. Andrew Bishop, Oasis Geochem LLC

In the absence of definitive, direct evidence for a Liassic (i.e. Lower Jurassic) petroleum system offshore Nova Scotia, information is required on source rock analogs around the greater North Atlantic region. It is important to document which areas were favorable for the accumulation of organic rich sediments across the various stages of the Lias, and consider how local and global earth system controls facilitated that process. Data on organic rich sediments has been compiled from basins around the world. This evidence will be discussed in the context of Liassic petroleum system potential offshore Nova Scotia, with consideration of how Lias age source rock presence might be testable even without direct well control.