Oil & Gas 101

2020-07-23 OERA Webinar Natasta
July 23, 2020

Natasha Morrison, Nova Scotia Department of Energy & Mines

Nova Scotia has a long history of Oil and Gas production; from the first recorded oil well drilled by Lake Ainslie Oil and Salt Company in 1869, to the recently decommissioned Sable Offshore Energy Project. But what does it all mean? How does a company explore for oil and gas, and more importantly, how are these hydrocarbons even formed? This presentation will provide an overview of petroleum geology, drawing on examples from our own backyard. You will be introduced to major features of a petroleum system, from source rock to the formation of oil and gas reservoirs, and all aspects between. With offshore Nova Scotia as our model, there will also be a discussion on geophysics, well logs and petroleum exploration.